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New Brunswick has a fully intermodal transportation system with marine, highway, and rail linkages to major distribution hubs. Fredericton is strategically located in the heart of New Brunswick just one hour from US I-95—the major North-South corridor. With a newly upgraded Trans-Canada highway system, New Brunswick’s intermodal transport infrastructure offers significant cost and logistical benefits to businesses operating in the province.

Fredericton is one hour from Canada’s third largest seaport, the Port of Saint John. The Port is essential to New Brunswick's petroleum, potash, forestry and aquaculture industries and to its import and export trade. The Port offers container, bulk cargo and liquid bulk cargo transportation services and is linked via rail and highway to major distribution centres.

The Greater Fredericton Airport is located just 15 minutes from Fredericton’s downtown core. Commercial airline service is provided by Air Canada and Delta, which offers direct daily connections to Boston. Fredericton’s airport boasts the longest runway in New Brunswick and serves more business customers than either of the two other major airports in the province. Fredericton’s airport offers wireless internet service throughout the terminal and provides a business centre with complimentary high-speed internet service. The Greater Fredericton Airport is also home to the Aerospace and Defence Park.